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    1. Oh my goodness sorry I'm late but happy belated birthday!! <3

    2. happy birthday 💕

    3. Happy Birthday Kandis! Have a rad day <3 

      1. Blaze


        Thank you Shawn! <3

    4. Happy birthday :DD

      1. Blaze


        Thank you! Happy birthday to you as well, hehe! <3

    5. Matt

      Happy birthday!

      1. Blaze


        thank you! <3

    6. happy birthday girly <3 i love you <3 

      1. Blaze


        thank you!! <3<3<3 

    7. kandis, i met someone with the same name as you today. reminded me of you. hope you’ve been doing well :) 

      1. Blaze


        aww, i hope you're doing well also! i'm doing alright. 🖤

      2. Liberty


        i’m doing great!! i’m just chillin with some cool folks 😎

    8. Blaze

      What did you have for lunch today?

      With all due respect, isn't fish technically meat though?
    9. Blaze

      What did you have for lunch today?

      Well, actually they're green. Just called white grapes. Also I just remembered I also had a green apple just add to it. 😂
    10. Hello! Welcome to DCC! If you need any help or guidance, we have an awesome staff and many members (including myself) to ask or just chat. :)

    11. Blaze

      What did you have for lunch today?

      I didn't have a lunch, but I had a huge breakfast since I stayed the last night at my best friend's house. That consisted of bacon, a fried bologna and egg sandwich, cottage cheese and white grapes. She spoils me 😂
    12. Blaze

      Stray Kids

      The group that probably made me realize how great K-Pop can be 😂😍
    13. Hello Kandis, how are things going?

      1. Blaze


        Hello Grant! I'd say they're well, thank you! :) How've you been?

      2. Grant


        Pretty good, just finishing my preparations for some music scholarship auditions this weekend at the two colleges  I'm looking at.

        What have you been up to lately?

      3. Blaze


        Awesome! Good luck on that. :) Not much, just looking for a job and planning to study so I can finish school. Better to do it now then wait around, a chance is not gonna last forever. Y'know?

    14. you wouldn't hurt one with glasses would you? 🤓