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  1. Hey there, what's up? Haven't seen your user for a bit!

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    2. MidoriJordan


      I appreciate Kenzie. And I'm glad to see you're still hanging in there.

      I got into landscape photography mostly. A couple wildlife shots as well, but they were more so some nice flukes caught on camera. I don't remember what all I posted on here before, but I can share some more (just probably on a different platform. The site looks like it could use some sprucing up this spring XD). I'm basically always lurking on Discord and Instagram so feel free to reach out there if you'd like. Discord I.D. is MidoriJordan#2199 and Insta is the same as on here, even the pfp.

      I'm here if you need to talk about mental health stuff or anything really. I know I wasn't really close with anyone here on DCC or CPI even, but I've got ears to listen and a shoulder to lean on if and as you need. I'd love to catch up in a little more detail at the least.

      Btw tell Blaze I said hi if y'all are still in a call.

    3. Liberty


      Of course!

      I'd love to see some of your photography, i'll definitely reach out 

      Thank you for that, I'll definitely reach out to you.

      She says hi :P We're playing NewCP together rn

    4. Liberty


      I sent you a dm on insta

  2. Eh... it's life. Whatcha gonna do? Don't know what to say on the state of, well, anything, but it's nice to see you back. I'm kinda excited. I have a bunch of free time now that I'm looking for a new job (though I've been thinking about doing some studying and making my own lately) and I'm waiting on a case to come in so I can start work on my first computer build. Finally something that can run games and do things without dying! Aside from that, I suppose writing is keeping me busy while I deal with the insanity of not knowing what neurological disease I'm suffering from on a more daily
  3. Yo happy birthday!!!
  4. How do we spend so much time remembering our mistakes but never learning from them?

    1. Grant


      "In anything, it is a mistake to think one can perform an action or behave in a certain way once and no more. (The mistake of those who say: 'Let us slave away and save every penny till we are thirty, then we will enjoy ourselves.' At thirty they will have a bent for avarice and hard work, and will never enjoy themselves any more . . . .) What one does, one will do again, indeed has probably already done in the distant past. The agonizing thing in life is that it is our own decisions that throw us into this rut, under the wheels that crush us. (The truth is that, even before making those decisions, we were going in that direction.) A decision, an action, are infallible omens of what we shall do another time, not for any vague, mystic, astrological reason but because they result from an automatic reaction that will repeat itself" ~Cesare Pavese (1908-1958)

    2. MidoriJordan


      Let's hope I don't repeat killing friendships then

  5. Slurping spicy noodles is a lot more fun (and easy) with your mouth than your eyes.

  6. Happy birthday man!

  7. You've been blessed in recent visits

    Blaze Quack.png

  8. I've stayed up all night writing and gaming, school doesn't start til 7:25, and due to a schedule change I don't have any classes until noon. So why am I getting ready to take a 30 minute walk to get there early? The world may never know. Nah, it's totally to grab some ramen from the Walmart across the street and game through lunch.

  9. Evertget that sense of nostalgia for a place in time you were never a part of?

    Yeah, me too...

    1. Shawnic


      Not really.

      I just feel nostalgic for the times I've lived through. 

    2. Archie


      Ik what u mean, i feel nostalgic about the 90s sometimes lol

  10. Urgent care isn't so urgent when you think about it. Guess it doesn't have to be after a seizure, unless another one's around the corner. o.O

  11. "I won't go breaking your heart" this Friendship day and leave you without a new theme. Thanks to @AJ Mysterio for his great design skills and work with the UI for this wonderfully pink new theme and shoutout to @Gramps for his help, much appreciated boss. And of course, we wouldn't have had the task without @Rosettaroses great idea for Friendship Day (make sure to send her an extra card or two this year). ;]