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  1. test

    Happy birthday! :)

  2. Hello, I don't think I've ever talked to you before.

  3. Sky


    I'm gonna go a little fancy and say creme brûlée
  4. I was trying to catch a rare pokemon in the car but we were going to fast :((((
  5. i started school today and I'm not very happy 

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      - - -

      I wish you the best of luck! (: I start college in two weeks. Yikes. :0 

  6. You need to get on G+. You've disappeared :P.

  7. Hey Sky! How have you been? 

    1. Kanad


      She's been blue, like always, and cloudy sometimes.

  8. Well my summer to do list currently is: -Finish House -Finish Greys Anatomy -start Gossip Girl -practice soccer -cardio workouts -bungee jump jk no way I just realized how boring I am wow...
  9. I was too lazy to get out of I ended up watching a whole season of Royal Pains in one day
  10. Haha guess I'm the first mac? Its really boring, I know.. I like things organized
  11. woah its different 

    1. Frog_LQ


      You haven't been on for a while :P.

    2. Sky


      Yea I know, I said I would..I've been really busy 

  12. Hello Everyone! 

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    2. Sky


      I'm doing good! Summer just started and I'm finally relaxing! You?

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      - - -

      Good. I'm graduating in four days and I'm super excited. :) I can already feel the summer weather where I'm at. It's going to be in the 90s this week!

    4. Sky


      Thats nice! Congrats 

  13. May 26th and I can't wait
  14. I've been so busy busy busyyyyyy

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      Yeah. One can hope. (: When do you get out of school?

    3. Sky


      @Rosettaroses May 26th, but I have finals 3 days before :( 

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      - - -

      @SkyThat's coming up pretty soon. Good luck on your finals! You got this!! (: